Our People

The directors and members of the senior management team have a diverse range of expertise, experience, skills and networks providing a unique culture and strong direction for Reddy Group.

Our people have over many years and through very successful business relationships, developed strong bonds with both industry and financial institutions. These relationships and trust empower us to take maximum advantage of opportunities as and when they present themselves.

The Reddy Group is headed by its chairman Mr Yanktesh Permal Reddy (CF, OBE), fondly known as YP Reddy. Leading the executive team is son, Rohit and daughters Kalpana and Kamini.

All have external experience working with global corporate brands and bring significant qualifications and experience in their own rights to Reddy Group.

The executive team is strongly supported with experienced and respected professionals that have domain knowledge expertise across diverse industries and countries, operational expertise and manage the individual portfolios and investment within the Reddy Group family office.

Reddy Group’s executive office consists of the following key team members:

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Y P Reddy


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Rohit Reddy

Managing Director

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Kamini Reddy

Director – Finance & Strategy

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Kalpana Reddy

Director – Sales & Marketing

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G Naidu

Director – Finance & Property

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Praful Dhokai

General Manager – Clyde

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Nick Ridling

Director of Sales – Tanoa Hotel Group

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Shaneel Padarath

Group Financial Controller

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Tim Cunliffe

Commercial Finance Manager - New Zealand

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Narend Kumar

Area General Manager, Fiji

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Jason Strickland

Area General Manager – Pacific Islands