2014 Tanoa Salon Culinaire

Tanoa Hotel Group celebrated their 7th year of Culinary and Hospitality Experience competition with style.
Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa, executive chef Jean Ruzzene who was also one of the judges at the competition said the event has really improved. “Compared to the past year, the competition has really improved in terms of equipments that have been provided to the Chef’s this year,” he said. “It is very beneficial to see that our concerns have been put into action by the Tanoa group and the fact that it has been provided to every participant is just a bonus,” he said.

With an average of 24 participants from the various group holders, judges had the chance of tasting some of Fiji’s best culinary provided by the chefs. Chef Ruzzene said the competition was really important especially in the tourism industry. “Most of the time we have tourist commenting on the beautiful views and spectacular rugby but lately I have been receiving comments from guests on how tasteful the food is,” he said.

Chef Association president, Shailesh Naidu, was grateful to the Tanoa Hotel group for the initiative.
“I’m grateful to Tanoa Group for going out of their way to provide this sort of competitions; it really means a lot especially in our profession,” he said.

Reddy Group director, Kalpana Reddy, said the event was one of Tanoa’s high achievements.
“This is an exceptional achievement in celebrating seven years of Culinary and Hospitality Experience with our professional team whose ideas, creativity and unique passion for the cuisine,” she said. Ms Reddy said the competition will also allow guests to have a taste of Fiji. “There will be glimpses behind the scenes of your favourite chef’s kitchen, a chance to gather useful cooking tips and even get in on the cooking action yourselves. “Food lovers can look forward to indulging in menus exclusively prepared live by some of Tanoa’s best Chefs,” she said.

Salon photo2 Team of the year – Tanoa Skylodge Hotel

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By Varanisese Nasilasila, Fiji Sun newspaper, 23 August 2014