2013 National Outstanding Model Quality Circles Organisation

Generally every year, every new initiative that comes through the innovators is implemented, reviewed and standardised.

At Tanoa, Quality Circle is about Innovation hence the program is known as Tanoa Innovators. Over the years projects have focussed on Cost reduction, revenue improvement, improvement in customer experience, maximising the usage of our resources and is one of the key reasons why we as a company are still the number one local hotel chain of choice.

It is people centric as we believe our people are our main assets hence the focus is around what employees can bring to the table in terms of innovation, for improvement and sustainability. The program is about empowering our people and providing them the appropriate training and development to up-skill them.We have seen the implementation of numerous innovative initiatives through the QC program like Team Waka’s project on reducing our carbon footprint via energy saving techniques and the project on reducing our high water consumption via the usage of the in-house bore-hole to supply water through a filtration process to an entire hotel. Also, Team Fusion’s project on a strategically priced breakfast voucher to maximise the revenue capture. These projects have subsequently been standardised.

The success of our quality initiatives is attributed to the visionary leadership of our Chairman Mr. YP Reddy and the exemplary leadership of our Directors who personally encourage and support the Tanoa Innovators initiatives and that has contributed to establishing the hotel group as eco-friendly, innovative hotel line that engages in environmentally responsible business practices and hence a model Quality Circles organisation that has created many standards and benchmarks.