Tanoa Kaachi Tour

A local company allocated a day for the children of its staff to come and have a feel of their parent’s workplace.

Clyde Equipment of the Reddy Group of Companies from Lautoka, had a Tanoa Kaachi Tour last Saturday at their company premises.Forty people were present for the tour which included staff, children and also personnel from its head office.

According to company director Rohit Reddy this was done to create more bonding between the parents and the children. The children were briefed on the products of the company and they were treated with prizes for a quiz competition held.

“This was to encourage networking amongst children and parents from different background,” Mr Reddy said. He said this was a way for the children to know the company better; to understand their parent’s workplace. “They will get to know where the parents work and create interest and understanding in children,” he said.

“It was also a way to embrace the Tanoa culture, and not only recognise the staff but the children as well. “This is also a way to understand the vital link between education and earning a livelihood. He said this was a way for the children to have a look at career opportunities available. “This is to create awareness for staff and their children, what all our company delivers,” he said. “It is not only limited to Clyde Equipment but will be followed in due course by Tanoa hotels in Fiji.

“At the end of the programme, all the children were given a hamper pack containing gifts and goodies.

By Nandni Vandhana, Fiji Sun newspaper, 26 August 2014