Jamie’s Successful European Trip

Message from Jamie’s dad on Jamie’s successful European trip :

Starting in Belgium he won both the 10/under and 11/under at the Ten-Pro tournament held at the Kim Clijsters academy. On route he beat the number 1 ten year old and 11 year old in Denmark and was lucky enough to spend some time with grand slam champ Kim Clijsters. Jamie was only the second player in the history of the tournament to win two age groups and with over 64 kids in each draw from 40 countries it was a great result. He was also chosen by Junior Tennis Pros (an online platform ) which profiles the best juniors in the world as one to look out for.

We then jumped in the car and headed to Germany where Jamie won 2 rounds before playing the number 3 twelve year old in Germany. The boy was 2 years older and huge! Jamie took it to him going down 4/6 7/6 4/6 in 3 hours. An amazing match!

We had 3 days rest in Dusseldorf with my host family from 20 yrs ago before heading to Barcelona where Jamie trained with Kevin Andersons ex coach. I was also given a job to coach there for the week where I gained so much knowledge. 5 days later we were in Madrid to play one of the toughest clay court tournaments in Europe, the Rafa Nadal junior tour event. Jamie qualified beating two 12 year old spanish boys then played the number two 12 yr old spaniard.

He competed so well to 4-4 but then the bigger boy (who went on to win the tournament) who was a mini Rafa just wore Jamie down in the 34 degree heat to win 6/4 6/1

This was an awesome trip with many great lessons learnt about travelling, grinding it out, preparation and learning from the best. Jamie is no doubt on the right track at this point vs the world best juniors.

On our return NZ tennis have offered Jamie a place in the Tour Elite NZ Junior programme (normally reserved for 12 yrs up). He will train up to 10 hours per week under national coaches Simon Rea , Finn Tearney , Chris Lambert and James Greenhalgh.

The European trip was a huge success.