Our Journey

Our Journey

In 1947, Reddy Group began as a small family construction company in Suva, Fiji. Today, more than 70 years later, the Reddy Group has grown into a highly diversified global family office with strong values.


Reddy Construction Company is founded

In 1947, the Reddy Construction Company was formed and even in those early years, the Reddy family recognised the importance of strong partnerships. Through joint ventures, the company helped to build critically important infrastructure across the South Pacific including universities, hospitals, airport hangers, and international resorts.

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Tanoa Hotel Group is formed

Reddy Group has been investing in real estate and tourism for more than 60 years including the most recent acquisition, the Tanoa International Dateline Hotel in Tonga in 2017. There are nine South Pacific hotels in the Tanoa Hotel Group located in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand.

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The acquisition of Clyde Equipment

With a presence in Fiji, Clyde Equipment represents the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. It is a South Pacific distributor and supplier of light, medium and heavy equipment and machinery for the construction, industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors, and is a subsidiary of Acrow NZ.

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The Reddy Family Office is established

Rohit and Kamini Reddy establish the Reddy Family Office which includes the existing business and a newly created investment arm focusing on leveraging the Group's financial strength and resources. The role of the Family Office was to incorporate a professional structure around long term asset allocation and investment decisions.

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