Our Values

Integrity, Excellence, Quality, Responsibility and Unity underpin the way we conduct business, how we engage with business partnerships and how we interact with people in our communities.

We value education and enhancing our people’s skills and are focused on creating a learning organisation for our employees through training and empowerment.

There is a strong commitment by the group to help the communities in which we operate and our social and philanthrophic efforts support a myriad of causes that are close to our hearts. The group has always promoted social responsibility and community help from its commencement and continues to do so today.

Reddy Group views good citizenship as a full time commitment with key goals and accountability to our external stakeholders primarily our community.

Reddy Group has five core values which underpin the way we conduct business. These core values are entrenched in how we do business, make decisions & interact with people in our community.


We must conduct our businesses honestly and fairly. We should not condone nor support corruptive conduct or practices.


We must continuously strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our work ethics and in the products and services we supply or provide.


We must strive to provide the highest quality of service and products to all our customers without exception.


We must continue to be responsible, sensitive and aware of the communities and environments in which we operate and do business. We should always ensure that we give back to the communities and to its people.


We must work cohesively with all our employees, business partners and customers ensuring that we build strong relationships for the future through understanding and mutual cooperation.