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Our Purpose

To support current and future generations of the Reddy Family, as well as the philanthropic endeavours of the Reddy Foundation.

Our Investment Strategy

We operate a global diversified portfolio with an inter-generational investment horizon. Our approach follows an endowment style of investing, with a strong tilt toward alternative asset classes where we can observe a high propensity for skill to create outperformance.

Our Asset Allocation

We seek to balance disciplined strategic asset allocation with our natural competitive advantage and capabilities. We prioritise building long-term partnerships with alternative asset managers and business owners.

Our Capacity

Great people are critical to our success. Our family office includes dedicated teams of finance and investment professionals that manage and advise on our global portfolio.

Asset Classes

Public Equities

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We aim to be fully diversified across developed markets and invest via index and/or managed funds.

Fixed Income

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We aim to be fully diversified across investment-grade securities in developed markets and invest via managed funds.

Direct Private Equity

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We invest in profitable mid-market NZ & Pacific businesses, where we prioritise partnerships and have flexibility to invest for the long-term.

Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds

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We prioritise global ‘best-in-breed’ private equity and venture capital managers, with a preference for:

  • Long-term, proven track records.
  • High alignment of interest to investors.
  • Active value-add models.
  • Focussed investment strategies (approach, sector and/or thematic).


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We invest opportunistically into quality properties globally, with a focus on New Zealand and the Pacific.

Infrastructure Funds

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We prioritise thematically driven, specialist managers who have long-term proven track record and a high alignment of interest with investors.

Private Equity Direct holdings

Tanoa is a renowned hotel group based in the South Pacific with properties in 8 popular destinations including Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga.

Acrow is the largest scaffolding, formwork, propping and event infrastructure company in New Zealand.

Clyde is a leading South Pacific distributor and supplier of electrical power generating equipment, air compressors, water pumps, and machinery.

Founded 25 years ago in New Zealand and London 11 years ago, Ozone Coffee is an international specialty coffee company.