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In 1947, the Reddy Construction Company was formed and even in those early years, the Reddy family recognised the importance of strong partnerships. Through joint ventures, the company helped to build critically important infrastructure across the South Pacific including universities, hospitals, airport hangers, and international resorts.

In 1965, Tanoa Hotel Group was formed with the construction of The Tanoa Hotel, which is today called Tanoa Apartments. THG has been active in the South Pacific for 60+ years now, and currently owns and manages eight hotels located across Fiji, Samoa & Tonga.


Reddy Construction entered a joint venture with Fletcher Construction (NZ) in the late 1970’s to undertake ambitious construction projects such as; University of the South Pacific building extensions, ANZ Bank complex in Suva, Lautoka and Suva Wharves, Sugar Mill boilers installation and the Sheraton Hotel in Denarau.

After initial investment into Clyde Equipment in 1970, 100% of the company was acquired in 1983. With a presence in Fiji, Clyde Equipment represents the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. It is a South Pacific distributor and supplier of light, medium and heavy equipment and machinery for the construction, industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors, and is a subsidiary of Acrow NZ.

Following accomplished independent careers, the next generation are proud to join the multi-generational family business. Rohit Reddy joins in 2002 and Kamini Reddy joins in 2011, together with Y.P. Reddy helping to shape the legacy for future generations.

Rohit and Kamini Reddy establish the Reddy Family Office which includes the existing business and a newly created investment arm focusing on leveraging the Group’s financial strength and resources. The role of the Family Office was to incorporate a professional structure around long term asset allocation and investment decisions.

Reddy Group acquired the landmark Tusitala hotel in the middle of Apia and undertook a complete transformation and reopened it as the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel.

Reddy Group acquired the iconic International Dateline Hotel in Nuku’alofa and immediately began a comprehensive full renovation and refurbishment. The Tanoa International Dateline Hotel opened in 2017.

Reddy Group acquired interests in Ozone Coffee, an international specialty coffee company with multiple eateries in the New Zealand and United Kingdom.

Clyde Equipment merges with Acrow NZ, broadening their service offering including into other areas of access and event infrastructure as well as diversification of geographic regions.

Reddy Family Office brought the investment function in-house and repositioned the portfolio toward a clearly defined Strategic Asset Allocation approach. The result of this work identified key attributes of the portfolio akin to an ‘endowment style’ of investing, with an aggressive tilt toward private, illiquid assets.

Fast forward to today, the Reddy Group is a highly diversified global family office with current direct investments in tourism, real estate, hospitality, speciality coffee and construction services. The Group continues to seek out new investment opportunities with like minded and aligned partners.